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Client Testimonials

February 20, 2017

February 18, 2017

"I took my wife to Kelly's for aerial yoga as a surprise date night/birthday present thinking it would be a fun experience for us to have together.

All I can say is WOW! Both Kelly and the practice far exceeded my expectations.

First of all, my wife was blown away (major husband points) and we were both immediately hooked!

We instantly experienced the benefit of increased intimacy with each other in how we move and breathe together, which has already had a major impact on our marriage and relationship.

Kelly is a real pro because she actually lives this stuff and is therefore the best example of what is possible with this kind of fitness practice.

And, as a triathlete training for Ironman who also does body weight and bar calisthenics and crossfit pretty regularly, I immediately got how valuable aerial yoga is for strength (especially core), flexibility, decompression, and recovery.

If you're a more masculine identified person, you might think (like I did) that pole fitness and aerial yoga are more for the feminine expression, but you would be dead wrong (as I was).

If you admire the strength, flexibility, agility, endurance of gymnasts, Cirque Du Solei performers and the like and, like me, have always wished you could do that sh*t and literally defy gravity yourself, then THIS is the place to go...and it's worth the trip to Key West from wherever you are.

I will definitely be incorporating both aerial yoga and pole fitness into my training and wI already signed my wife up for multiple classes with a commitment to membership when we get back from our half Ironman in mid June."

- Jason Moore, Key West

May 13, 2017

"I am 56 years old and I have always been an active person but I never was a gym person. Every time I tried a gym it felt so boring. My first pole class was so much fun. Even as classes evolved, everything was new and a challenge. It would feel like such an accomplishment every time I learned a new trick. After 2 years of group classes I switched to privates with Kelly. She is such an amazing instructor and I can’t believe what I can do now. She has the ability to lead me in and out of a trick or new move so I can get it. She has guided me and I have become stronger and fit and I can move my body in ways I never could before. The energy of her studio is amazing. It is welcoming, grounding and exciting. If you want to build strength by doing something that is physically challenging, exciting, beautiful and extremely rewarding then I highly recommend you give this a try. I remember in the beginning looking at advance moves and thinking I would never do anything like that but I stuck with it and now I can do them. For a healing experience aerial yoga (AY) feels so good. It increases flexibility and strength and there is nothing like being cocooned in the hammock and letting all of the cares of the world leave your mind and body. No matter what your fitness level is AY is a great way to re balance your energy and remove tension from your mind and body. It makes me feel like a more relaxed and balanced person. Kelly’s massages and self-massage techniques are amazing. Her studio is a full body experience. It improves my mind, body, spirit, flexibility, strength and it makes me happy."

-  Shannon D.

January 15, 2017

"This place will transform your life, body, and attitude! Kelly's studio radiates positive vibes and attracts like minded souls. Kelly and Stephanie are both inspirational, fun, patient and talented instructors. There aren't many instructors that can adequately teach a variety of skill levels in the same class. They both understand the body and can help you understand yours better. Go play!! What are you waiting for?!?!"

-  Ren Scorza

April 27, 2017

Words cannot describe how much I love all of the classes I have taken at Kelly's Aerial Fitness. I started with Pole & then added Aerial Yoga & now even Classique & Lyra. In just over a month my body has changed so much. This is the most challenging, yet rewarding thing I have ever done. A lot of my friends are doing the trendy Aerial Yoga, Lyra & Trapeze across the U.S., but they are not getting the warm atmosphere & one on one training that Kelly gives. Her studio is like a lounge & there is such a good vibe there that I have stayed on for more classes in a row. It is hard work, but Kelly assures me of what I can do.

She also gives massages unlike any massage I have had before because she understands my body since she is the one who is training it. I did not think I was capable of anything I have done so far. I am learning about body awareness as I build a strong core & have fun doing it. I am even walking different now. It is never too late to get started. Thanks so much Kelly and Stephanie. You are beautiful, sweet, warm, encouraging, talented inspiring. I cannot wait for the next class.

-  Shannan M.

January 27, 2017

I'm 65 and in relatively good shape. However, being overweight I have avoided yoga and other flexibility classes. Kelly is not only a talented artist but also a gifted instructor. She was extremely clear about how to perform the exercises and right there to assist as needed. I would recommend her aerial yoga class to anyone and I'll be back!

-  Dean W.

January 16, 2017

I have been going to Kelly's Ariel Arts and Fitness for 2 months now attending the beginner pole fitness class. Since day one I have been greeted with smiling faces, positive encouragement and teaching skills that have been helping my strength, flexibility and love for the sport. What a great group of woman here. I cannot thank them enough for all the patience they have shown me as I grow in the pole fitness realm. So many different classes so it's impossible to get bored while working out.
I highly recommend Kelly's Aerial Arts and Fitness for your next work out, for some laughs and being around positive, encouraging women. Your body will thank you!

-  Sioux Murphy

January 15, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about both Kelly Goss and Kelly's Aerial Arts & Fitness! I have attended several of her aerial yoga classes and private sessions, and all of them have been nothing less than perfect ! If you are a runner like myself, then you definitely need to try out her aerial yoga classes. They are the perfect relief for sore/tight muscles and significantly improve your performance. If you are looking for a different workout routine (and it does not even have to be pole fitness or yoga), then book a private with her! One thing I love about Kelly's private sessions is she always tailors them to her client's fitness goals, and is always willing to try something new. LOVE THIS PLACE !

-  Alyssa M.

January 15, 2017

Kelly is an an incredible professional athlete and instructor, and her staff is enthusiastic, talented and helpful. The classes are amazing and challenging, but also thoughtfully instructed, with attention given to individual fitness level and ability. From beginning basic, all the way through world class professional, every body type and activity level is welcomed. Go, learn and be inspired!!! Will not believe what is possible, with determination, effort, and the right instruction!

- Stephen G.

January 5, 2017

Kelly is an amazing trainer. She is very knowledgable and attentive. The atmosphere at Kelly's is very encouraging and inspiring. Ive learned a lot from attending different types of classes it offers. I will definately keep coming back.

- Ning G.

January 10, 2017

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